Magic is all in the family for Gabrielle Reid. She's been around magic all of her life and she is presently head of wardrobe for Lance Burton's performing company and believe it or not her father, husband and her two brothers are magicians.

She joined Lance Burton's show in April of 1996, about two months before the big opening at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. She began working on costumes before the new show opened and landed the position as head of wardrobe.

As head of wardrobe, her job is to maintain all of the costumes, make new costumes and help with dressing the cast during the show.

Gabriel a New Zealander whose father is a magician began working as his assistant when she was 15 years old doing shows in Melbourne, Australia. She went to Karanui College in New Zealand and graduated from the College of Fashion in Wellington, New Zealand. Upon graduation, she owned and operated her own business in New Zealand making costumes and doing some tailoring.

Before joining "Lance Burton: Master Magician" she worked in "Copacabana" at the Rio Hotel. She's lived in Las Vegas for three years and misses her family in New Zealand. On the upside, she loves the glamorous shows that Las Vegas has to offer and that there's plenty of work for people in her profession.

She unabashedly says, "My favorite part of Lance's show is when the children come up on stage."

She continued, "My most embarrassing moment was when my father came to see the show for the first time and I had left a dry cleaning tag on Lance's jacket and Lance jokingly said when he found it `I had better tell Gabrielle about this.'"

Gabrielle said, "I love the family `feel' about the show. The cast treats each other like family. Everybody is great to work with."

As far as showbiz goals, Gabrielle feels she's achieved them and said, "I want to provide such great services to the show that I'm indispensable. Magic will always play a big part in my life. My father instilled a love of magic in our family. I've always loved sewing and designing and this way I've integrated both of them."

Besides being a professional magician, her father owns a clothing manufacturing firm and her "mum" is a florist and owns her on business. She has one sister and two brothers who are magicians and two more brothers who are in the Air Force in New Zealand. She said, "My brother's first grade school teacher showed us magic and from then on my father was hooked. We did magic as a family."

What intrigues her about magic the most? She replied, "It's the grace and illusion." What does she say about Lance Burton? She said, "His personality shows through his generosity."

She commented on the show, "Everyone I have met that has seen Lance perform loves him. Those who haven't seen the show yet, tell me they would love to see him perform because they have heard such good things about him and the show."

Gabrielle loves crocheting, gardening, computers and hockey. She also likes Lake Havasu and Sarasota, Florida. In her off time she takes care of her kitten and garden.

Gabrielle advises those thinking of going into showbiz, "Enjoy what you do. I still get a thrill with every show when I'm either in the wings or backstage."

Burton continues to thrill critics and audiences with his brilliant and daring skills in his magic spectacle. Showgoers never get tired of seeing Lance Burton's show.

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