Robert H. Massey Jr. is known as Bob the Magician in the Lance Burton Magic Shop at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. The professional magician demonstrates and advises people interested in magic

Bob was born in Austin, Texas on March 13, 1969 where his father was stationed at an Air Force Base. His family would soon move all over the world. His father was transferred to Germany and France before returning to America and settling at Luke AFB in Phoenix. He graduated from Maryville High School. The 30-year-old magician began seriously working on magic at age 22 and soon became one of the top 10 magicians in Phoenix. He left a job managing restaurants and tried to break into comedy and juggling only to become interested in magic. He said, "I learned to juggle at age 10 and loved comedy juggling but began doing magic. It took two-and-a-half months to learn a two-and-a-half-minute dove trick. After being a professional magician for six-and-a-half years Lance Burton called me to come work in his magic shop as a demonstrator and I've been there for two years. You might say I'm the head magician. It's the best magic shop in Las Vegas. I'm there five nights a week when Lance is on from 5:30 'til 12:30 a.m."

Bob said, "The greatest thing about Lance Burton is his demeanor onstage is more genuine then anyone else. His manipulation dove act is the best in the world. Lance is a perfectionist. I love working for him because I get paid for goofing off. People swarm all around me after each show to see the magic tricks performed. People want to try the magic and we had a record summer for sales. One man recently bought $1,700 in magic products to take home. I got into magic after checking out books at the library at age 22. That's how I learned. I stayed up late for a long time studying magic. I just didn't want to work 60 to 70 hours a week managing a restaurant for very little pay. I had two doves and a prop called a dove pan and began performing. I had to borrow some more props. I did my first show and soon afterwards my phone was ringing to perform at bars, corporate events, trade shows, restaurants, resorts and Indian casinos."

Bob continued, "On New Year's Eve of 1996 I hung upside down in a straitjacket 100 feet in the air underneath a roller coaster called the Desert Sun doing my escape act. I made all the local newscasts in Phoenix. I began to do the morning talk shows. I performed in front of 5,000 kids for National D.A.R.E. Day. I was handcuffed and locked inside a metal container filled with water and I escaped successfully. All of my friends and family live in Phoenix. I moved to Las Vegas when I got a call out of the blue to move and work as a demonstrator in The Lance Burton Magic Shop. Lance was my idol so I took the position."

Bob said, "I've performed my tricks for sports figures like Shaquille O'Neill and movie stars. I'm the only magician in the world to work full-time for Lance Burton. I learn something new from him everyday. I've been very lucky to have began doing magic at such a late age and be where I'm at today. My advice to up-and-coming magicians is to practice, practice, practice. Greg Frewin is another magician that I admire and respect. I've performed at Harrah's, Ft. McDowell and the Heela River Casino in Arizona."

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