Dancer Monique LeFevre loves cats and performing in "Lance Burton: Master Magician."

The professional dancer who enjoys working at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino said, "New Jersey is my home state. I was born in South Jersey about 40 minutes outside of Atlantic City in a town called Vineland. I graduated from our Lady of Mercury Academy a Catholic High School in 1984. It was a little community. I came into Lance's show at the end of '97 in December hearing that it was the best gig in Las Vegas. I worked the Rio for four years. I was in 'Brasilia', 'Conga', and 'Copacabana'. I left after the Rio opened Masquerade Village. I've worked in 'Jubilee!' I went to Temple University in Philadelphia and received a degree in dance after attending the University of Fine Arts. I transferred to Temple after two years and got a bachelor's degree. I wanted a well-rounded liberal arts background instead of just basically dance. My first professional dance job was at Hershey theme park in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania working in their three shows. The theme park had singing, dance, and strolling shows."

She said, "Where I work now is much more professional and it's the nicest theater. Atlantic City is limited as far as work. I worked in Atlantic City at Resorts International and Trump's Castle. I performed in 'Steve Wyrich's Sexy, Sexy Magic' at the Lady Luck and 'Gone Country' at The Orleans. I worked with dancers from Las Vegas who would get a dance contract for six months and then head back to Nevada. I've lived in Las Vegas for nine years. You can make money and do what you love in Las Vegas. I love the convenience shopping at Von's at midnight and buying gasoline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What I don't like is the extreme summer heat and the heavy traffic."

Monique speaks highly of her boss, "Lance Burton is a draw because people like him. He's very personable and interacts with children in his show. People come to see him once and come back because they like him so much. Even people who don't particularly like magic like him and his production show."

She said, "I work at the Bellagio as a cocktail waitress part-time and I workout at the gym. I am a volunteer at FLOCK (For the Love of Cats and Kittens). It's a cat sanctuary. I care for six kitty cats of my own. Like Lance, I love animals too and cats are my specialty. I'd love to become a veterinarian or a vet tech when I'm no longer dancing. My friends and family think that's it's wonderful that I'm in Lance's show. In Las Vegas you can be in some shows that aren't professional and family oriented and this isn't one of them. I have people from New Jersey who come to Las Vegas and they feel comfortable at Lance Burton's show. It's the most family-oriented show on The Strip. My first experience with magic was in Steve Wyrich's show. I'm tall for a magician's assistant at 5'-eight inches. I'll be here for 10 more years, the length of my contract hopefully. As long as I can keep dancing, I'm happy. There are a lot of interesting experiences. I live in Green Valley and I love all the shopping in Henderson and the nice lifestyle."

Monique quipped, " The best part of my career is being able to work in the West and East and not have to stay anywhere for more than 10 years until now of course. I saw my first magic show on TV. I remember Doug Henning in the '70's and all those older magicians who performed and were popular back then. My parents come to Las Vegas to visit me all the time. They absolute love Las Vegas except for that there's too many people and the extreme heat of the summer. They live in Sea Isle City now. It's in New Jersey's seashore near Atlantic City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Margate and Cape May. Where they live get crowded in the summer but it's pretty isolated from people in winter, fall and spring. I love the beach, snowboarding and visiting Lake Tahoe. They are very impressed by Lance's show. Lance is known all over the world and when people come to Las Vegas they all want to see his outstanding show."

She reminisced, "Dance is something I've been doing since I was a child. Show business has become a way of life for me and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. It's definitely not the norm and it's a lot of fun. The younger one begins learning to dance the better. There's a lot of competition in dance and to get into a top show one must be very talented and experienced and stay in good shape. I love what I do."

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