Rob Kaz came onboard recently as the sound technician in "Lance Burton: Master Magician" at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. He said, "My official title is head audio engineer/designer. I mix the audio for the live show and record new tracks. I was born in LA and moved to San Antonio. My father was in the Air Force so I was in England from age three to seven years old. I came to Las Vegas for an interview from San Antonio, Texas the day of the "Big Flood of '99." It was through three people that there was a job available. I then stayed and went to work as the sound engineer at the Rio Convention Center and then I got the call for `Lance Burton: Master Magician' and that was a very happy, happy day for me."

He said, "I began mixing sound at age 12 and touring the world with bands at age 17. I was with Twisted Sister and Cheap Trick. It was tough being on the road all the time. Once I came off of a tour with double pneumonia and was in the hospital for quite some time. My dad was a physical education instructor for the Air Force and went on to run one of the biggest trucking companies in South Texas. His big passion was racecar driving. He got into off-road racing in the Baja 1000. He died in that race in '77. It's rare for people to be killed in those races. He hit a tree and his harness failed. My mom and family came to see the show and they loved it. My sister and her husband both work at The Masquerade `Show in the Sky.' My sister interacts with the audience as the `Big Head.' My brother-in-law plays multiple characters. I live up on Mt. Charleston. I don't care for living in the big city. I'm single and live with my dog. It's a Hungarian Piszla. It's a form of a Pointer. Lance's big numbers are very impressive but the card manipulations are my favorite part of the show. I'm at the top of my profession now. This was my first experience with magic."

Kaz continued, "I love doing this show. On any given night a hundred things could go wrong and the audience will never know but if I mess up, everyone hears it. When they walk by the booth every night I hear comments from people and a lot of it is comical. They think that the sound booth is where the real magic happens. I think to myself - the real magic is onstage. I played the piano for years and I taught myself to play the flute. I like photography, hiking, visiting the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I think Lance Burton's success is because he's personable and extremely good at his craft. He gets along with the audience and does magic well. If it wasn't for this I'd still own my production company in Texas."

Kaz said, "I love this opportunity to work in such a great theatre for a long-term gig. I got tired of working for myself and owning a small business. I did the lighting and sound production for live concerts that are 10,000 seats and less. We did lots of tours. Nowadays, I'm home every night. The older I get the less I want to travel. I had to mix the sound, drive the truck and load the truck. One show could be 35-40 hours of work. I'm happy with working here hopefully through the year 2009. I've been given the opportunity to learn new formats. I'm not perfect as a live engineer but I'm trying to learn all genres. Everybody hears music differently. When you mix the music sometimes you don't catch the essence of it. Americans love warmer sounds with a little base in it. Middle Eastern music is harsher. It's what people have grown up with and are used to so they appreciate it more. The foreign audiences get the magic and are entertained."

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