Debra Davey knows clothes and she should since she's the wardrobe assistant for "Lance Burton: Master Magician" at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

This lady who originally hails from Canada handles the backstage costume cues during the show as a dresser. The costumes in the show are under the watchful eye of Debra from laundry to maintenance to wig care.

The ultra-responsible Debra came onboard when the show opened two years ago at the Monte Carlo. She said, "I was advised of that the position was open through Lance Burton's manager Peter Reveen."

She said, "I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) training with Solo Seal Status and received a B.F.A. at York University in Toronto. I worked for the Dance Company `Les Ballets Jazz.'"

She continued, "I danced for Barry Ashton, Miller Reich and Jerry Jackson in different cities. I also worked on cruise ships traveling all over the world for four years. I toured with Dick Foster's `Spellbound' for three years including Sun City, South Africa. In Las Vegas, I worked at the Rio Hotel in `Copacabana' before joining Lance Burton."

Debra recalled, "I moved to Las Vegas eight years ago after the earthquake in San Francisco. I miss the ocean. The homes in Las Vegas are more affordable and I can work in show business. I bought my home in 1990."

She said, "My favorite number in the show is the caped girl disappearance in the monster number. Lance has a very warm and charming personality that makes the audience feel comfortable and he loves children and the audience's participation. Every one I know is amazed by Lance's finely tuned magical talent. It's an affordable show for the whole family."

As for Debra's professional plans, "I want to keep working in shows in Las Vegas either in production or backstage and eventually would like to work on movies."

Who was the biggest influence on Debra Davey? She said, "I saw Liza Minnelli perform when I was 16 years old at the Frontier Hotel. I knew then that I wanted to be a dancer."

She said, "I love tennis and gardening and any beach destination! I have worked extensively as a company manager on the road and in the production end of putting shows together."

She continued, "My parents are retired and living in Canada. I was an only child and my mother owned a theatrical makeup store and did makeup for opera, theatre and ballet."

By day, Debra works for a travel agency part-time, handles a few production assistant jobs and goes to the gym and ballet classes.

She said, "I think close-up magic is my favorite. During 1978, I worked for Dutch magician Richard Ross. He did the rings unbelievably."

She completed the backstage interview by saying, "My love of dance inspired me to go into other areas of show business, choreography, spotlight production and wardrobe. Show business takes love and dedication."

Burton continues to thrill critics and audiences with his brilliant and daring skills in his magic spectacle. Showgoers never get tired of seeing Lance Burton's show.

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