Shriners Lance Burton believes in the importance of giving to others and he contributes to a variety of causes. The Shriner's Zelzah Temple Transportation Fund is the recipient of a portion of the profits from the Lance Burton Magic Shop. The funds go to buy 15-seat vans equipped with wheelchair lifts to take physically disabled children for help at the Shriner's Hospital in Los Angeles. Lance Burton also performs at the annual Shriner's Christmas party. Lance Burton's main charities are directed toward children. The donations from the taping of his NBC specials go to these charities. Aside from children's charities, Lance hosts an annual concert for The Animal Foundation.

If you have a burned or crippled child, please call 1-800-237-5055, Shriner's may be able to help.

tent 39He is also a celebrity member of Variety Club Tent 39 and donates to their cause of helping children with special needs. The Variety Club of Southern Nevada, Tent 39 is an active member of Variety Club International. They are dedicated to helping the Variety School for Handicapped Children in Las Vegas and assisting all children's charities. Tent 39 has been serving special needs children since 1950. Lance Burton is a special ambassador and donates Sunshine Coaches to Variety's causes. Variety Special School and John F. Miller School, care for 500 mentally and physically challenged children. Tent 39 also sponsors the Variety Day Home. Lance Burton visits the schools and supports them.

Lance with Monte Monte was a puppy Golden Retriever when Lance Burton adopted him from the Animal Foundation of Nevada. Lance personally gave him lessons in dog obedience. He enjoyed coming to work with Lance and hanging out with the showgirls backstage. He lived with Lance, swam in the backyard pool just like a kid and ran on nearly an acre of fenced land. He was one of many dogs that were up for adoption. The "Master Magician" is now planning a fund-raiser to benefit the Animal Foundation so that they can reach their goal of finding homes for all stray cats and dogs. To adopt a dog like Monte call (702) 384-3333 or visit the Animal Foundation at 700 N. Mojave in Las Vegas.

Magician Penn Jillette describes Lance Burton's philosophy in a tongue-and-cheek way: "The wonderful thing about Lance is he's got this really crazy way of working. He just works hard and stays honest - it's just a goofy way to go about business." Personal Manager Peter Reveen said of Lance's philosophy on his charitable contributions, "He takes no credit for this. He thinks it's just good manners." Instead of taking credit he jokes to the audience, "We buy beer" with the magic shop money.