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An audience member shuffles a pack of cards while the magician has the inside pocket of his coat inspected. The pocket is found to be empty and the deck is placed inside.

The magician explains that he will attempt to locate the four aces by the sense of touch. With that, he thrusts his hand into the pocket and brings out an ace. this is repeated until all four aces have been retrieved. The rest of the pack is removed from the pocket and immediately handed out for examination.

SECRET: Prior to the performance, remove the four aces from the pack and place them into either your left upper vest or shirt pocket.

Begin by having someone shuffle the deck. Since no one knows what you intend to do with the cards, there is really no reason for you to be concerned about someone that the deck is aceless.

Upon receiving the shuffled deck, have your left inner jacket pocket examined and, after it's found empty, have the cards placed inside. Explain that you intend to locate the aces through your uncanny sense of touch. Thrust your right hand under your coat and into your left vest or shirt pocket and, after a brief moment, extract one of the aces. Repeat that procedure until all four aces have been removed. Take the deck from your pocket and hand it out for examination.

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