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This amazing prediction is one of my personal favorites. It's really quite mindboggling.

pre-cog-ni-tion (pre/kog nish/en), n. Knowledge of a future event or situation, esp. through extrasensory means.

The magician removes three playing cards from an envelope as he announces that he has made a prediction. The three cards are placed, face-up, onto a table and an audience member is asked to touch any of the cards. Regardless of the choice, when the prediction is read it proves to be correct.

SECRET: It really doesn't matter which of the three cards is selected because what the audience doesn't know is that you actually have three separate prediction.

To begin with you're going to need three ordinary playing cards, an envelope large enough to hold the cards and a small piece of paper. For explanation purposes, we will assume these to be the ten of spades, the queen of hearts, and the ace of clubs.

Using a marking pen, write the following prediction on the piece of paper: I KNEW YOU WOULD SELECT THE 10 OF SPADES. The second prediction is written on the face of the envelope. It reads: I KNEW YOU WOULD SELECT THE ACE OF CLUBS. The third prediction is written on the back of the queen of hearts and reads: I KNEW YOU WOULD SELECT THE QUEEN OF HEARTS.

Fold the written prediction in quarters and place it into the envelope. Center the queen between the other two cards and place all three, face-up, into the envelope

PERFORMANCE: Introduce the envelope, flap side up with the prediction hidden on its underside. Remove the three face-up cards and place the envelope aside, flap side up. Arrange the three face-up cards in a row on a table and, in doing so, make sure that the queen remains in the center between the ace and ten. Explain that you have made a prediction and have someone touch one of the three cards and, depending on their choice, you bring the effect to its proper conclusion by carrying out one of following actions:

IF THE CENTER CARD THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, IS TOUCHED: Turn over the tow end cards, the ten and the ace, to show their backs. Pick-up the center card, the queen, and turn it over and have the audience member read our prediction.

IF THE TEN OF SPADES IS TOUCHED: Pick up the envelope, open it and have the audience member remove your prediction and read it aloud.

IF THE ACE OF CLUBS IS TOUCHED: Pick up the envelope, turn it over and have the prediction read.

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