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An audience member is handed a pencil and paper and requested to write down a six figured number. The magician, upon seeing the number, immediately writes down a prediction and places it aside. A second person is asked to write a row of six figures directly below the first. The magician writes a six figure number below this. A third person is invited to write a row of six figures directly below the magician's and the magician adds a final row below this.

One of the audience members adds the five columns together and when the sum total is reached, it miraculously matches the magician's prediction.

SECRET: Begin by noting the first number written. Subtract 2 from the last digit and add the 2 onto the front of the six figures. In other words, take two from the back and move it to the front. This will result in the seven digit figure that you write as your prediction.

EXAMPLE: The first spectator writes the number 193,427. You write 2,193,425 as your prediction.

When the second row of numbers is written, you add a third row that will make every number in the second row total nine (9). When the fourth row is written, you write the fifth containing digits that make every number in row four total nine (9). By making each of the digits in row two and three and four and five total nine, you arrive at a sum total of 1,999,998 which, when added to the first row of numbers will result in a total that matches your prediction.

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