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A card is freely selected and returned to the center of a shuffled deck. To insure that the card is completely lost in the pack, the magician has the person who selected the card cut the pack several times. When the magician receives the deck he looks through the cards, removes one and places it face-down on a table. He asks the person to identify his card and upon hearing its name, he turns over the card to reveal that, although it seemed impossible, he has some how located the chosen card.

SECRET: The method for accomplishing this effect is called the "Key Card" principle. A key card is a card whose identity and location in the deck is known to the magician. Most key cards are positioned on the top or bottom of the deck. In the performance you will use the bottom card of the deck as your key card.

Begin by having the deck shuffled. When you receive the cards, secretly glimpse and remember the bottom card of the deck. This will be your key card. It is important that you glimpse the card in an off-handed manner so as not to arouse any suspicion.

Hold the deck in your left hand and begin to cut off small packets of cards from the top of the deck with your right, and place them face-down on top of each other in a pile on a table. After you cut off a couple of packets ask someone to stop you at anytime. When they do, tell them to look at the top card of the pile on the table, remember its name, and replace it back onto the pile. The moment the card is replaced, your right picks up all of the cards from your left and drops them onto the pile on the table. This puts your key card on top of the selection.

Square up the cards and say, "Your card is lost in the deck. Well, that's not exactly true. We do know that your card is somewhere near the middle of the deck. In order to lose it completely, I'd like you to cut the cards like this." Cut off about half the cards and place them off to the right. Complete the cut by picking up the remainder of the deck and placing it onto the cut off portion. Square up the cards again and say, "Now please cut the cards exactly as I did. When he completes the cut say, "That's good. Now I'd like you to cut the cards in the same manner, two more times. Not one more. Not three more, But exactly two more times."

When the cuts have been completed pick up the deck and look through it. What you're looking for is the key card. When you find it, the card directly below it, to its immediate right, will be the selection. Remove this card and place it, face-down, on the table. Ask the person who selected the card to name it. When he does, turn over the card to reveal his selection.

Every so often, when you look through the deck for your key card you will see it on the bottom of the deck. This means the selection is on top. When this happens, set the deck back on the table and tell the person who selected the card to wave his hand over the pack. When he has done this, say "You did it perfectly! You made your jump to the top of the deck. Turn the top card over." When he does, he will be surprised and somewhat perplexed to find his selection on top of the deck.

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