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Although this is one of the first tricks I performed for my friends and family when I was a youngster, it is one that I will perform from time to time and find that it works well for audiences of all ages. It's really quite simple to do, and the only requirement is an ordinary box of wax crayons.

SECRET: The magician stands with his back to the audience as he instructs one of them to open a box of crayons, remove one and note its color. He holds his hands behind his back and has the audience member place the crayon into one of his upturned palms. Holding the crayons behind his back, he turns to face the audience and explain that you actually intend to divide the crayon's color by the sense of touch. As you say this, scrape the thumbnail of the hand holding the crayon across its waxed end, thereby forcing a small amount of wax to lodge under the nail. Transfer the crayon to the other hand and bring out the one with the colored wax under the nail. Touch it to your forehead. As your hand travels past your face secretly catch a glimpse of the color. As soon as you
glimpse the color, close your eyes and pretend to be in deep thought as if you were really trying to divine the color. All that remains is for you to name the color and bring forth the crayon for verification.

The most important aspect of this trick is its performance. When attempting to divine the crayon's color, you must act as though you really have the ability to do so. If you believe that you can divine the color, so will your audience.

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