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The current popularity of psychic hotlines and paranormal TV shows makes this baffling mental mystery a surefire winner. A pack of playing cards
is shuffled and handed to the magician, who removes two cards, indicating that they will be used as predictions. The two cards are placed face-down onto a table. The deck is handed to an audience member who is instructed to deal the cards, face down, onto the table until he feels like stopping. As the cards are dealt, the magician explains that the audience member is not obligated to just deal cards from the top of the deck, but is free to deal cards from anywhere. When he stops dealing, he's told to put aside the remainder to the deck and to pick up the tabled packet of cards for another deal.

The magician instructs the audience member to deal the cards, alternately, into two separate piles until they're exhausted. Once the cards have been dealt, the magician tells the audience member to turn up the top card of each pile. We will assume these to be the eight of clubs and the king of hearts. When the magician turns up his tabled predictions, we see that they're the eight of spades and the king of diamonds. A perfect, predetermined, match!

SECRET: Begin by having an audience member shuffle the deck. Take the deck, turn it over, so that the faces are turned toward you, and secretly note the two top cards, which, as per our earlier example, we've assumed to be the eight of clubs and the king of hearts. Cover your actions by explaining that the two cards that you're removing will serve as predictions. What you'll actually do is remove the mates of the top two cards, in this case, the eight of spades and the king of diamonds. Without revealing their identity the two cards are placed, face-down, onto the table.

Return the deck to the audience member and have him deal cards, one at a time, onto the table. After he has dealt the first two cards (the eight and king) tell him that he can actually deal the cards from anywhere. No matter where he deals from, when he stops, have him put the rest of the pack aside. Instruct him to pick up the tabled cards and redeal them, alternately, into two face down piles. When he's finished dealing, tell him to turn over the top card of each pile. Since the eight of clubs and the king of hearts were the first two cards to be dealt onto the table during the initial deal, it should be apparent that when the cards are pick up and dealt a second time that they will, in fact, be the last two cards to be dealt and eventually turned face up. All you have to do is pick up the predictions, turn them face up and set them alongside their respective mates.

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