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The magician has a pack of playing cards shuffled as he explains that he's going to perform the famous "Whispering Queen" trick. He asks someone to call out the four queens. They name a queen and the magician removes it from the pack. He designates it to be the whispering queen and places it into one if his pockets. He places the deck onto the table and has it cut into three piles.

An audience member selects the top card from one of the piles and, after noting it, returns it to the pile. The piles are picked up in any order and the cards are shuffled and placed on the table. The magician removes the queen from his pocket, saying, "The queen will find your card" He passes the queen over the deck and then holds it up to his ear and, after a moment, correctly identifies the chosen card.

SECRET: This entire routine is based on a clever forcing technique known as "The Magician's Choice." This technique, when properly executed, results in the participant's having no choice at all. The concept is really quite simple, you offer someone a choice and then through deceptive dialogue, force them to choose exactly what you want them to choose.

Begin by having a pack of playing cards shuffled. Explain that you intend to perform the famous "Whispering Queen" trick and, in order to do so, you will need someone to decide which of the queens is to do the whispering. When a queen is named, take the deck, turn it face-up and spread the cards between your hands to apparently locate the queen. As you spread through the cards, secretly note and remember the name of the top card of the deck (assume this to be the five of clubs). Having done this, quickly locate the queen, remove it and openly place it into your shirt or jacket pocket, saying, "I'm going to place the queen in my pocket so she can't possibly see what's about to happen."

Place the deck on the table and have an audience member cut the cards in the following manner: Instruct him to cut off about a third of the deck and place it to the immediate right of the larger tabled packet. Tell him to cut the larger packet of cards on the left in half, and have him place the cut-off portion to the far right of both piles. This will result in a row of three fairly even piles. The top card of the center pile (the original top portion of the deck) is the five of clubs.

You are now going to use the "Magician's Choice" to force the audience member to select the five of clubs. Ask him to touch one of the three piles. If he touches the middle pile, which due to its central location is the one most people choose, tell him to look at the top card and remember its name.

If, however, he selects either of the end piles, tell him to place it off to one side and then have him place his hands on the two remaining piles. Instruct him to raise one of his hands. If he raises the hand that's touching the other end pile tell him to place that pile off to the side and to look at the top card of the remaining pile, which of course will be the five of clubs.

If he raises the hand that's touching the pile with the five of clubs on top, say, "Good choice," and then tell him to place the other pile aside and instruct him to look at the top card of the pile he chose.

Once the card has been selected have it replaced and the piles picked up and assembled in any order. The deck is then shuffled and returned to the table. All that remains is for you to remove the queen from your pocket, pass it over the deck, hold it up to your ear and say, "The queen tells me that the card you selected is a black card. She says it's a club. The five of clubs!"

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