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The magician places a penny, a dime and a quarter in a row onto the table. He reaches into one of his pockets and removes a fourth coin, which he momentarily conceals from view in his closed right hand. An audience member is asked to select one of the coins, and regardless of the choice, when the magician opens his hand the audience sees that it contains a matching coin, proving that he knew in advance which coin would be selected.

SECRET: To perform this remarkable prediction you will need a penny, a quarter and two dimes. Place one of the dimes into your pocket and you're ready to begin.

Place the penny, dime and quarter, in that exact order, in a row on a table. Reach into your pocket with your right hand and remove the dime, but do so in a manner that will not reveal exactly what you are holding. State that your right hand contains a prediction. Turn to someone in the audience and say, "Pick up one of the coins…" If he picks up the dime, which, due to its central position, is most often chosen, continue with the sentence, saying, "and place it here in my hand." Extend your left upturned palm to receive it. Look directly at him and say, "You could have chosen any of the three coins. You chose the dime. Look, here's my prediction." Open your right hand to reveal it contains a dime.

If, however, the audience member's first choice is the quarter, you continue by saying, "Good. Now since I'm only going to need one coin for this experiment, would you pick up another coin with your other hand…" If he picks up the penny say, "Excellent! That leaves us with only one coin, the dime. Somehow I just knew you would choose the correct coin. Look, here is my prediction." Open your right hand and allow the dime to fall next to its mate.

If, after picking up the quarter, the audience member picks up the dime, hold out your upturned left palm and say, "Excellent. Now hand me one of them." At this point he has two choices. He can hand you either the dime or the quarter. If he hands you the quarter, place it on the table along side the penny and push them both aside, saying, " you have selected the dime. Somehow I knew you would." With that, open your hand to reveal the dime.

If he hands you the dime, hold it on your outstretched palm and turn all your attention to it as you say, "You have selected the dime. Somehow I knew you would. Open your right hand and reveal the dime.

In order to insure the end result, it is most important that you use the exact words described in the text.

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