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Although this feat of mental magic is very easy to do, its performance will create the impression that you possess extra sensory perception.

An audience member shuffles a deck of playing cards and removes three of the cards as the magicians inner jacket is inspected and shown to be empty.

The magician displays the three cards and asks some one to remember one of them. The cards are placed into the magicians inner jacket pocket and, after a moment, the magician removes two of the cards. The audience member is asked to identify the selected card and, upon hearing its name the magician removes the one remaining card which proves to be the selection.

SECRET: Prior to the performance, remove any two cards from the deck and place them, with their backs outward (away from your body), into your left vest or shirt pocket.

Begin by having the deck shuffled and the three selections removed. As this is being done, have someone examine your left inner jacket pocket. Place the deck aside and openly display the three cards in a fanned condition. As you display the cards, remember their names and the positions they occupy. For clarity, we will assume that the ace of spades is on the face of the fan, followed by the six of diamonds, occupying the center position, and the jack of clubs at the back.

Have an audience member remember one of the three cards. Following this, place the cards in your inner left hand jacket pocket with their backs facing outward, away from your body. Explain that you will attempt to find their card. Thrust your hand under your coat into your shirt or vest pocket and remove one of the two cards hidden there. When the card is removed, it is important that the back is facing outwards, towards the audience, so that its identity is unknown. Add the card to the tabled deck and, as you do, indicate that it's not their selection. Repeat this procedure with the other card as you ask the audience member to name their selection. If the ace of spades is named, reach into your pocket and remove the card closest to your body. If the jack of clubs is named, remove the card farthest from your body. If the named card is the six of diamonds, simply remove the center card.

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