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This mysterious bit of mental magic can be performed just about anywhere due to the fact that it utilizes items that can be found in almost any household.

The magician passes the dice to an audience member, saying, "Take the dice and roll them onto the table." The audience member does so and the dice roll to a stop. We will assume that the uppermost numbers are a six and a five. The magician asks the audience member to add the two numbers together. This results in a total of eleven.

The magician points out that if the two top numbers were arrived at by random, then certainly the two, unseen, bottom numbers were also. The magician has the audience member turn over the dice and total the two bottom numbers. The bottom numbers, a one and a two, total three. The magician asks the audience member to add the bottom total to the top total. This results in the number fourteen.

The magician removes the deck from its case and hands it to the audience member, saying, "You rolled he dice and arrived at a random number, the number fourteen. Please take the deck and count down to the fourteenth card." The fourteenth card is turned face-up and revealed to be the king of hearts. The magician has the envelope opened and the prediction read aloud. It reads: "I predict that you will select the king of hearts."

SECRET: Prior to the performance write "I predict that you will select the king of hearts" on a piece of paper. Place the paper in an envelope, seal it, and write the word PREDICTION on its face. Remove the deck of cards from the case, locate the king of hearts and place it in the fourteenth position. Place the deck back in the case and you are ready to perform.

If you perform the trick exactly as it's described, the audience member will always select the fourteenth card. The reason for this is really quite simple. The top and bottom numbers of any single die always total seven. This is a fact that most people are not aware of. Therefore, when the numbers on the top and bottom of a pair of dice are totaled the number will always be fourteen. Needless to say, since the total is always fourteen, it is important that you do not repeat this trick before the same group of people.

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